Vape products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.
Minors are strictly prohibited from buying or using e-cigarettes products.

About Us

About Us

Hey there, welcome to Nicotine5.com–where we’re all about delivering top-notch disposable vaping goods straight to you!

The thing you need to know about us is that we’re not going to  bombard you with a zillion choices of vapes and brands, ’cause who needs that confusion, right? Nope, we’re the cool cats who believe in quality over quantity. That’s why we’ve handpicked a select crew of premium disposable vapes that’ll level up your vaping game without leaving you scratching your head over what to choose.

Our squad of pros are always here to lend a hand in finding your perfect match. Vaping’s all about enjoyment, right? That’s why we’ve got only the cream of the crop under one roof. Expect awesome vibes and lightning-fast shipping ’cause we’re all about making sure your goodies hit your doorstep ASAP.

Thanks a bunch for making us your vaping crew of choice!
Let’s vape on together!

-Me and my crew

Our Story

Hi again, fellow smokers-turned-vapers! Let me level with you. I’ve been in your shoes for years, I battled to kick the smoking habit, trying every vape brand under the sun to no avail. Every morning, I’d cough my lungs out and think, this is killing me “What am I doing?” I was this close to give up on vaping altogether.

Then came a game-changer – a friend of mine gave me two vapes from a company called Runfree, this “No Name Brand.” I’m gonna be honest, I was very skeptical. I mean, why waste time on something unknown when the big names didn’t cut it? But man, was I in for a surprise! It was so smooth, enjoyable and everything I’d been searching for in a vape.

A week later, I reached out to Runfree, teamed up with them to amp up some of their designs and craft an e-juice that beats every other brand hands down. I’m talking about a vaping experience that’s smoother than silk and more satisfying than that first drag of a cigarette.

So, if you’ve been on the quitting-smoking struggle bus because you couldn’t find the right vape, trust me, give ours a shot. I’m putting my name on the line here because I’m that confident. Not only you will kiss smoking goodbye, but you’ll do it with a safer, joy-inducing product.

And hey, if by some wild chance our vape isn’t your jam, no sweat. Send it back, and I’ll refund you. That’s my guarantee.

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